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Victim Services


The Westminster Police Department utilizes a Victim Services Unit to provide support, information and referrals to crime victims. Victim Advocates are available on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week. The Department utilizes paid advocates as well as volunteer advocates. (Learn more about volunteering.) Victim Advocates provide information about the rights afforded to a victim of a protected crime, information about the criminal case and help victims understand the criminal justice process. Victim Advocates can also provide information about Victim Compensation and provide assistance with filling out Victim Compensation forms. Victim Advocates are also trained to provide crisis intervention and emotional support and can provide referrals to emergency resources.

Contact the Victim Services Unit at 303-658-4210 if you have questions about a criminal case, if you need information about the availability of community resources or if you would like information about volunteering as a victim advocate.


The Westminster Police Department receives numerous calls and visits from those wishing to donate used clothing, toys, stuffed animals, etc. Although we appreciate the thoughtfulness of such donations, we are unable to accept them. 

Victim Services Mission

To ensure that victims of crime and personal tragedy are treated justly with compassion and dignity.

Victim Services Vision

To provide appropriate, quality services to victims of crime and personal tragedy within the City of Westminster with integrity and unbiased compassion in accordance with the state constitutional amendment.

Crime Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation is a monetary fund distributed by the Crime Victim Compensation Board in each Judicial District. Funds awarded can help with the replacement of doors, locks or windows that were damaged during a criminal incident; medical expenses related to the criminal incident, or mental health counseling needed as a result of a criminal incident. To apply for Victim Compensation, the following criteria must be met:
            The crime must be reported to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours of the incident.
            The victim must be cooperative with the investigation of the crime
            The victim must not have been engaged in the commission of a crime at the time of their victimization.

Victim Compensation is an application process an awards cannot be guaranteed. To receive an application or for further questions, please contact Victim Services at 303-658-4210.

Victims’ Rights

Colorado Revisted Statutes, Title 24, Article 4.1 guarantees certain rights to victims of several crimes. The following link provides a list of which crimes are included and describes the rights and protections the victims of those crimes are entitled to: Victim's Rights

Obtaining Police Reports:

Colorado State Law allows for victims of crimes covered under the Victims' Right Amendment to receive a copy of the initial police report for free.  Victims must contact the Records Division at 303-658-4380 to see if the report they are requesting is available for release. Under State Law, not all police reports are able to be released. 

Protection Orders in Criminal Cases (CRS 18-1-1001)

As part of a criminal case, the judge can issue a protection order directing the defendant to refrain from any contact with the victim. These orders can exclude the defendant from the home, restrain them from direct and indirect contact, prohibit possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs, and prohibit the possession of firearms, and anything else the court deems appropriate. Violations of these protection orders should be reported to law enforcement.

Civil Protection Orders to prevent domestic abuse may be obtained at the county court with the assistance of the following organizations:
        Project Safeguard (Adams County)  303-637-7761
        Women In Crisis (Jefferson County)  303-420-0412

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