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Neighborhood Traffic

Have a traffic concern in your neighborhood? Contact the traffic section at 303-658-4335 

How it works
The process begins with a call for help from concerned citizens, which will be directed to the new traffic enforcement technician. The complaint is assigned to a traffic officer for evaluation. If the officer sees there is a problem, additional enforcement can be scheduled for the neighborhood.

The results of the evaluation and any additional enforcement are reported to the traffic enforcement technician, who then explains the situation to the citizen.

A Drive Wise brochure is available and will be mailed to citizens who call the traffic technician to register a concern. The program includes the installation of placards featuring the Drive Wise owl that will be used in areas where increased traffic enforcement is being focused.

Neighborhood traffic safety is one of the top complaints that citizens have about their community, and it continues to be a priority for Westminster City Council, city law enforcement and area schools. After years of use and evaluation, more traditional methods of traffic calming, including speed bumps and traffic circles, have proven ineffective. A better solution was sought, and Drive Wise Westminster is the result.

Drive Wise Westminster, 303-658-4335