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Police Ask for Media Assistance
(Oct 19, 2012)

Yesterday Westminster Police shared information that we are looking for the public’s help to determine if there is any connection between the abduction and murder of Jessica Ridgeway and the attempted abduction of the female jogger at Ketner Lake Open Space on May 28, 2012. We recognize there are similarities between the May 28, 2012 incident and a July 2010 incident. Due to the ongoing investigation and consideration there is an unidentified predator on the loose, it is a top priority for the police department to protect the identity of the females in both of those incidents.

Several media outlets and reporters have requested the police reports and submitted a request to speak to either victim. Westminster Police will not give any consideration to either of these and respectfully request the media do not attempt to identify them through other means. We ask that you recognize now is not the appropriate time to make this request. We believe most of you would not have the same approach to publicize these victims had they been a part of your family (daughter, sister, etc.). Any attempt to identify these victims puts them at risk.

Neither female has any desire to speak with the media about their case.

Westminster police and the law enforcement resources assisting with our investigation thank you for your cooperation.

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