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Internet Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents with Children on the Internet

Computer telecommunications have become one of the most prevalent techniques used by predators of children. As always, parents should take every possible measure to safeguard their children from these offenders. First and foremost, parents are encouraged to be involved with their children and initiate dialog with them about their safety. Specific tips to protect children while they are using the computer include:

  • Place the computer in the family room or other visible area, not in a child's bedroom. Do not allow children to use computers behind closed doors.
  • Talk to your children about Internet safety and participate with them online. If then know more than you, let them teach you.
  • Stay educated about current trends in computer technology and communication.
  • Monitor your children when they are on-line. Don't just rely on filtering software to do the work. Use also an Internet content blocking software.
  • Use gender-neutral screen names.
  • Tell children they DO NOT have to respond to messages sent to them, whether by e-mail or instant messaging.
  • Know who your children are communicating with on line. Get to know their online friends just as you would their other friends.
  • Get to know the services and pages your child uses. Find out what type of information it offers.
  • Stay educated about current trends in computer technology and communication.
  • Educate your children to NEVER give out personal information in a chat room or on a bulletin board. Personal information includes name, age, home address, school name, telephone number or other personal information. Screen names, passwords or credit card information should also not be given out online.
  • If you suspect there is a problem, limit computer usage or use keystroke tracking software.
  • Should you become aware of the transmission, use or viewing of child pornography while online, immediately report this to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.
  • Promote an environment where your children can talk freely with you.

Additional resources for Parents

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