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Kid's Corner

Welcome to Kids Corner. This is a new addition to our Police Department web page and we are still adding and developing it. Check back with us to view educational topics such as: Stranger Danger, Alive at 25, Internet safety and drug and alcohol usage, as well as information on how to be safe, how to handle peer pressure, bullying and other school-related topics.

We are excited about our new page and plan on providing interactive games, information and educational activities for kids of all ages. This page is available to both children and adults, and we are encouraging viewers to browse the pages and to also view what is currently on the page.

Alive at 25 – Saving Lives Through Education

Alive at 25 is a survival course developed by the National Safety Council and is designed to prevent the number one killer of teens, automobile crashes.  Alive at 25 is taught exclusively by off-duty State Troopers, Deputy Sheriffs, and Municipal Police Officers.  The course is delivered in one 4 ½ hour program which focuses on the behaviors and decision-making paradigms that young drivers and passengers display behind the wheel.  Instructors hold candid conversations with students about what can happen if they practice risky behavior or make other poor decisions in an automobile. 

These behaviors and their implications are explored in-depth through a combination of subject discussion and interactive teaching tools including:
• Risk identification
• Interactive video participation
• Experience sharing with peers
• Role-playing in various driving situations
• Driving law review- local and traffic
• Graduated drivers license requirements

Alive at 25 currently meets the Colorado Department of Revenue’s requirements for obtaining a permit at 15 ½ years of age.  For more information about Graduated Driver’s License or requirements for obtaining a permit, please refer to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s website at: www.coloradodrivetime.com/ 

Teen Driving & Safety

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