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Response to Alarms

The Westminster Police Department utilizes an "Informed Response" strategy in order to help our department cut back on the hundreds of hours our officers spend each year responding to false intrusion alarms. This strategy free's up police time to respond to actual break-ins and other emergencies. Under the "Informed Response Strategy," police officers will respond to residential and commercial intrusion alarms under the following circumstances:

1. The alarm company receiving the original intrusion signal from the residence or business will contact the owner of the alarm prior to contacting the Westminster Police Department.

2.  After the alarm company has contacted the alarm owner or attempted to make the contact, a call may be placed to the police department dispatch center, if needed.  The intrusion alarm will be broadcast to the police officers working on-duty, but a police response to the intrusion alarm will only occur if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Someone has witnessed an intrusion.  
  • Two different alarm zones have been activated, such as,  a perimeter window or door alarm sensor and a motion, heat or other sensor.
  • All other intrusion alarms will be broadcast to the police officers working on-duty, and officers will have the informed discretion to respond based on their knowledge of the district they are working, crime trends, serial burglaries, etc.

Panic or Duress Alarms

Police Dispatch will automatically alert officers to a residential or business alarm that has been identified as a panic or duress alarm.  This type of alarm system is used or activated during robberies or similiar incidents when police services are needed in an emergency. 

The Westminster Police Department acknowledges that properly installed, well-maintained and appropriately utilized alarms are beneficial to crime prevention.

You Are Part of the System
If you have an alarm system, make sure everyone who has a key or knows the entry code; can make a lawful entry, is aware of how the system works.  If the system or operator is new, practice the proper procedure for arming and disarming the system.

Know Your Alarm Company
Have an open dialogue with your alarm company. Make sure that your alarm company fully explains the functions of your system, provides local support for equipment failure, and provides equipment that allows confirmation of criminal activity.

Know the cancellation code in order to notify your alarm company that you had an accidental activation.

Make sure you are kept apprised of any activity on your alarm system.

Notify your alarm company of problems you experience with your alarm. Have alarm equipment inspected to ensure proper activation.

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