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Westminster Police Tracking Sex Offenders
The Colorado Legislature has recognized that sex offenders pose a significant risk to citizens of this state and has empowered local police agencies with the authority to register and track sex offenders throughout the state.

The Westminster Police Department is keeping pace with this new task and has two full-time detectives dedicated to this mission. The detectives interview and track sex offenders by meeting with them and educating them about the strict requirements of state law.  Westminster’s "zero tolerance" policy means that any deviation from the law will result in a criminal prosecution.  In addition to those detectives, uniformed Westminster patrol officers aggressively monitor sex offenders who live in the city and conduct home verifications, documenting activities and sharing information.

The Westminster Police Department values public safety above all, and regards this new task as paramount to achieving our goal of a safe and secure community.

Sex offender registry information
To obtain a complete and up-to-date list of sex offenders registered in the City of Westminster, citizens need to come to the Westminster Police Department (Westminster Public Safety Center - 9110 Yates St.) and request a copy of the Sex Offender Registration list from the records section.  Citizens requesting a printed report are charged $7.50, which covers the research and printing costs of the document.

SOTAR (Sex Offender Tracking and Registration) Web Search
The Westminster Police Department  is participating with other law enforcement agencies to use a Unified Sex Offender Registry System known as SOTAR. This single website allows you to search for sex offenders registered with any of the participating agencies.  State law defines which sex offenders can be listed on SOTAR.  We are prohibited from posting juvenile offender information, along with some adults, including those convicted of one misdemeanor.  Those who fail to register may also be listed on the site.   

Citizens can also access the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website for a partial list of Westminster registrations. However, it is important to note that the CBI website only posts offenders who have felony convictions and does not include names of juveniles who may have registered.  In addition, the CBI website does not allow a breakdown of registrations by city but only by zip code.

To get a full list of all registered sex offenders in Westminster (to include those convicted of felony and misdemeanor offenses as well as all juveniles), citizens must come to the Westminster Police Department and request a printed list. The list is updated immediately after an offender registers and therefore citizens can expect this list to be complete and up to date.

Questions may be directed to Detective Tyus at the following e-mail or phone extension: styus@cityofwestminster.us, 303-658-4260.

City adopts significant changes to animal ordinance
In response to citizen concerns, Westminster has adopted new rules designed to control dangerous and vicious animals in the city. The revised ordinance, effective as of June 1, 2006, takes aim at uninformed or irresponsible owners of animals that can cause harm to humans or other animals. The new law creates two classes of animals - potentially dangerous and vicious - with specific control measures outlined for owners. The city opted for this control method rather than a ban on specific breeds because research shows that the problem with animal bites and aggressiveness is influenced more by owner negligence than breed.

Donations for victims and the needy
The Westminster Police Department receives numerous calls and visits from those wishing to donate used clothing, toys, cell phones, etc., to victims and the needy throughout the year. Although we appreciate the thoughtfulness of such donations, we are unable to accept them. If you would like to donate clothing, toys and other items for victims or those in need, please contact one of the following shelters:

Jefferson County: The Family Tree, 303-420-0412
Adams County: Alternatives to Family Violence, 303-428-9611

School Zones
Drivers are cautioned to watch for flashing school zone signals. For the safety of our children, please slow down in school zones and residential areas. If you are caught speeding in any school zone area in the City of Westminster while the lights are flashing, your fine will be $215.

Informed Response
The Westminster Police implements new “Informed Response” strategy in order to help the department cut back on the hours officers spend each year responding to false intrusion alarms. Police will now only respond to residential and commercial intrusion alarms under specific circumstances. More...

Use of “Less Lethal” Weapons (Tasers)
In 1999 the City of Westminster Police Department starting acquiring these “less lethal” weapons to minimize injuries to officers and suspects and in turn add to the department arsenal of less lethal tactics such as; OC spray and Bean bag shotguns. This new tactic could be used by police officers to incapacitate a dangerous and resistant suspect from a safe distance. More...



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