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Bicycle Riding in Westminster

The City of Westminster has more than 60 miles of trails for bicycle riding. There are 54 parks, and an expansive trail system that covers a majority of the city; to include:

  • Walnut Creek trail
  • Airport Creek trail
  • Little Dry Creek trail
  • Big Dry Creek trail
  • Farmers'  High Line Canal
  • Cotton Creek trail


The Westminster Police Department wants to see people enjoy this activity in a safe manner. Below is a list of safety tips when riding:

  • When you ride your bike in the street, you must obey all traffic laws.
  • While riding on the road, ride with traffic flow, not against.
  • Never hang on to a moving vehicle.
  • Ride in a single file line when appropriate.
  • Beware of possible road hazards -- pot holes, low-hanging trees, gravel or sand, water, storm drains, manhole covers and opening car doors.
  • When you ride on the sidewalk you must yield to pedestrians. Please walk your bike across busy intersections.


Safety Equipment
Over 75 percent of bicycle-related injuries could be prevented with the proper use of a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits properly. The chin strap should fit snug under the chin to avoid too much wobbling when the person moves his or her head. Also make sure that the helmet is worn low, not high on the forehead.

  • Use a headlight, taillight and reflectors at night.
  • An idea for a fun helmet is to get a white one and add glow-in-the-dark decals. Or you could paint it for a personal touch.
  • Another option for safety for younger riders is adding the use of gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.


Parents it is advised that you talk with your children about where they are going to ride. Tell them about the dangers of the trails that they are riding to include wildlife and strangers. Some of these trails are located in flood zones and near concrete water runoff culverts. These can be dangerous during times of severe weather.

Neighborhood Traffic Program
The Westminster Police Department has a Neighborhood Traffic Enforcement Program. The main goal of the Neighborhood Traffic Services program is to form a partnership with the community to address and resolve traffic concerns in neighborhoods.

Stay Safe and Alert
Safety tips when walking/running:

  • Always be aware of your total surroundings and the people around you.
  • Be confident and walk with your head up.
  • Avoid walking alone and at night. Stay away from bushes, alleys and parked cars.
  • Don't take shortcuts through vacant lots, parks or fields.
  • Wear comfortable fitting clothes and shoes for freedom of movement. Don't overload yourself with too many packages or other items when walking a short distance.
  • If you feel someone is following you, go to the nearest well-lighted open business, to where other persons are gathered or to a residence where there is someone at home.
  • Be alert when giving directions to others. Keep a safe distance from them to avoid being grabbed or dragged.
  • Always walk facing traffic so you can observe oncoming vehicles.
  • Always let someone know where you are going to be and for approximately how long.
  • Join a walking or running club where you can meet new people, stay healthy and safe.
  • If you plan on walking/running when on the road and away from home, always plan your outing by asking hotel staff or whomever you are staying with about safe routes.
  • Know where telephones are on your route or bring a cell phone.
  • Don't wear jewelry or carry cash.
  • Study your exercise route thoroughly before heading out so you don't get lost.


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