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Barking Dog Information

The City of Westminster’s Barking Dog Ordinance is designed to ensure that neighborhoods can be free of nuisance barking. People now work various hours and need quiet time to sleep or relax.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is not a nuisance barker that your neighbors must endure.

If you have been told your dog is disturbing the neighbors, you can take steps to curtail the problem.

The solution begins by finding the cause of the problem. Consider the following:

When and for how long is your dog barking? Most dogs do this while you are away and you may need to ask your neighbor to help determine this. Another suggestion would be to leave in your car, park around the corner, and listen.

There are several possible causes, and the following are some common reasons:

Your dog may be lonely or bored. You may want to try some things to give him more time with you. Walk your dog daily. It is good exercise for both of you physically and mentally. Provide interesting toys to keep your dog busy when you are not at home. Make sure and give your dog time with you when you are there! Playing, grooming or just being with your dog will go a long way in his contentment.

Your dog may be territorial. Seek appropriate training. Local humane societies have help lines and helpful Web sites. There are also training courses that may be appropriate.

Your dog may be uncomfortable being outside all day in the weather. Bring your dog in. If it is not possible to have him in the house while you are gone, provide a safe spot in your garage. Make sure the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold and provide a bed to lay on. If you must leave your dog outside during the day or night, you must provide water and shelter at all times.

Once you have determined the reasons and have taken measures to help your pet, you may find that a “bark collar” is beneficial. There are several types to choose from, and they are reasonably priced at most stores that carry pet supplies. 

  • Citronella collar: This type of collar comes recommended because of its success rate. Whenever your dog barks, citronella is sprayed into the dog’s face.
  • Shock collar:  This type of collar usually puts out a warning beep, and if the barking continues, it puts out a small shock that startles the dog.
  • Aversive sound collar: This collar emits a high-frequency sound when your dog barks.

Whatever steps you take, talk to your neighbors and show them that you are aware of the problem and that you are taking responsibility. They will most likely feel less antagonized and a little more patient and understanding. In turn, you will be a happier dog owner and your dog a happier pet.

Please make sure you let the Animal Management Office know you are working on the problem. Our main goal is to help you fix the problem, not write tickets.


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