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The Westminster Police Department's communications center averages 3,500 "911" emergency telephone calls a month. This averages out to approximately 42,000 calls a year. Non-emergency and/or administrative calls average to over 12,000 a month and 147,000 a year. In 2004, the communications center handled over 210,000 incoming telephone calls.

Learn to Use 911 Correctly
Knowing how to obtain emergency services can make the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about 911 usages.

911 should be used to call for police, fire or medical "emergency" help. Emergency means that life or death hangs in the balance.

Dialing 911 from a Cell Phone
When dialing 911 from a cellular phone, you must first identify where you are (i.e., exact address or location). 911 calls placed from cell phones are routed to the closest 911 operations center based on cell site location closest to the caller. Although technology has made advances in getting cellular phone calls to the appropriate police/fire agency, the process is not 100 percent accurate. For example, while traveling southbound on I-25 near I-70 during rush hour, you witness a major traffic accident and you call 911 to report the accident. Denver Police Department's 911 communications center becomes overloaded and the excess 911 cell phone calls get routed to outlying jurisdictions.

Additional Information regarding cellular phones and calling 911
If you decide to replace your home land-line telephone with a cellular phone, consider this. If you call 911 on a regular land-line telephone, your name address and telephone come up immediately on the dispatcher's screen, even if you hang up. If you call 911 on a cell phone, it will route to the nearest cell site and that may or may not route to the correct 911 center. If you are not able to speak freely or hang up, the dispatcher will not have your address information available and will have to take several steps to locate your address to send you help.

911 Misdials
If you misdial 911, stay on the line and talk to the call taker. Explain that you misdialed and that everything is OK. If the police dispatcher calls you back, do not hang up. This will generate a police response. The intent of the response is to check your residence and make sure that everything is OK and that no life-threatening circumstances exist. It is important also to teach children when to use 911 and that misdialing and calling 911 when there is no emergency takes the dispatcher away from a real emergency.

911 is a valuable resource that must be protected to ensure that when life hangs in the balance, police, fire and medical emergency services can be obtained.

Police and Fire Non-Emergency response: 303-658-4360. The Westminster Police and Fire departments maintain non-emergency telephone lines for all other business, including nuisance calls, reports of non-emergency crimes, code enforcement issues and traffic complaints.

General Information
Neither 911, nor 303-658-4360, should be used to obtain general information about city services or as the city directory. For city information, call 303-658-2400 and follow the directory instructions.

Case follow-up, questions concerning reports, messages for officers or police officials, and requests that do not require an immediate officer response, should be phoned in using the general City of Westminster telephone line, 303-658-2400. Please see the department directory for specific extensions.

Also, these numbers should not be used to ask regional questions (i.e.: RTD's route schedule, telephone directory service or private business hours). Information on resources, businesses, other government agencies, etc., is not readily available through the communications center and if you call the center, they will ask that you call information or look in a telephone book.

SMART 911 

New Phone Technology's Impact on 911
If you purchase phone service through one of the internet-based phone companies, you may not have access to 911 or your address information may not be available to the 911 dispatcher. Check the fine print when signing on with a new company to see what service they offer for 911 calls. Most internet-based phone services will not automatically provide address information when you call 911 and some companies cannot route your call to the 911 center at all. Address information on a 911 call can make the difference between life and death. If you are not able to speak or ask for help, the dispatcher will not know where to send you help.


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