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Probation Services 

Westminster Municipal Court Probation Services Section provides a variety of services to individuals, such as pre-sentence investigations and the supervision of probationers after the court has sentenced them.  A pre-sentence investigation is conducted at a date following the entry of a guilty plea or a finding of guilt at trial. A pre-sentence investigation is ordered when the judge requests more information about a defendant before imposing sentence. A probation officer interviews the participants in the incident, checks the defendant's prior criminal record and personal background, compiles the information in a report and provides a sentencing recommendation to the judge at the time of sentencing. A court clerk schedules the dates the defendant is to attend the pre-sentence interview and the date for the sentencing.

In addition to imposing fines and costs, the judge often imposes required attendance at classes, counseling, or evaluations as a condition of probation. A defendant placed on probation is called a probationer. Probation officers provide the probationer with referrals to appropriate agencies and monitor attendance and compliance with the terms and conditions of probation imposed by court orders.

Failure to comply with probation terms and conditions may result in the revocation of probation and the imposition of sentence including the possibility of a jail sentence. Any questions about what the judge has ordered and what the probation officer's expectations are should be clarified before leaving the Probation Services Section. If circumstances arise that may impair the probationer's ability to comply with the probation conditions, the probationer should promptly contact his/her assigned probation officer or return to the Probation Services Section.

The Probation Services Section has a volunteer program that allows volunteers in probation (VIP) to supervise cases and gain experience in the field while giving back to the community. Training for new volunteers in probation is held each spring and fall and involves 16 hours of initial training followed by monthly training and staffing. For more information, visit Volunteers In Probation.

The Probation Services Section is located at the east side of the main lobby in the Municipal Court Building. Normal business hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday - Thursday. We are closed Friday. 

The Probation Services Section schedules limited appointments on Wednesday evenings between 5-6 p.m. The Probation Services Section can be reached at 303-658-2260.

The Westminster Municipal Court Probation Services Section handles only Westminster Municipal Court cases. Contact information on either County Court or District Court cases is: 17th Judicial District Probation Department (Adams County) at 303-451-5555 or the 1st Judicial District Probation Department (Jefferson County) at 303-271-6364.

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