4800 West 92nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80031





John A. Stipech, Presiding Judge
Tiffany Sorice, Associate Judge

Pro Tem Judges:
Jeffrey Cahn
Randall J. Davis
Emil Rinaldi
Dennis Wanebo
Kristan Wheeler

There is a municipal judge and an associate judge and five judges pro tem (substitute judges) on the Westminster Municipal Court bench. They preside over the daily court sessions scheduled.

Each judge is a licensed attorney at law. The municipal judge is appointed by the City Council and serves as the presiding judge. The City Council may appoint one or more associate judges who perform duties as directed by the presiding judge. The presiding judge recommends appointment of the associate judges to the City Council. The pro tem judges are appointed by the presiding judge and hear matters in the absence of the presiding judge or associate judge.

Our judges must be fair.  You can talk to a judge about a case only if all of the other people involved are present.  You may not speak to the judges personally.  If you want to discuss an issue with the judge you must put it in writing and file it with the court.  In addition, you must send a copy to all of the other people involved.

Some of the municipal judges perform weddings. Please call the court at 303-658-2250 to inquire about judges and marriage ceremonies.

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