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Safety Tips

Accidents happen ... but many times they can be avoided with safety precautions. Here are links to helpful safety information:

Fire & Life Safety

Fire and life safety includes fire prevention tips (candle use, cooking, smoke alarms and extinguishers), first aid information, carbon monoxide detection and more.

Seasonal Safety

Fireworks Laws & Safety – Be Fire Smart this July 4

Limited fireworks use in Westminster is allowed, but watch the news! If the risk for fires is high, fireworks could be banned at the state level. If there is no state wide ban, then Westminster residents may use some lower-risk fireworks, but only from midnight on July 3 to noon on July 5.

There are no “safe” fireworks, but fireworks that are legal in the State of Colorado are allowed in Westminster. Fountains and sparklers are permissible, but nothing that explodes or flies through the air (no cherry bombs or bottle rockets). Make sure and use permissible fireworks in an open area with nothing flammable nearby, and it’s wise to have a means of putting out a fire on hand. Watch kids closely and tell them the risks and rules before you start – most fireworks injuries are from sparklers!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking fires from fireworks are unusual – Westminster Fire Department responds to fires caused by fireworks every year. Fields, fences, decks, even entire homes, have burned because of fireworks use. Be careful, follow the law, and be considerate of neighbors. Of course the safest choice is to go to a professional fireworks display like the excellent show at City Park.

Illegal fireworks use also happens every year, and Westminster Police and Fire departments coordinate to tackle the issue. Citations are issued, illegal fireworks are confiscated, and if illegal use causes a fire the guilty party may have to pay restitution. You may report use of illegal fireworks to the non-emergency police/fire number, 303-658-4360. To report a fire, call 911.

Summer Safety Tips

The weather is warming up, and many of us will be heading outside to soak up the sun. Here are a few tips to keep your spring safe:

Wear Your Helmet

– biking, rollerblading/skating, skateboarding and similar activities have a high head-injury risk. Breaking your arm is a bummer, but it will probably heal. Damaging your brain would likely cause permanent damage that may affect speech, sight, motor skills and learning.Protect your brain! Wear a helmet!

Check Your Windows – every spring toddlers accidentally topple out of windows or off decks. Yikes! It’s something many of us don’t think about as we throw open those windows after a long cold winter. Young children love the warm weather, too, and go right for that fresh breeze – and fall through if the opening is big enough or not secured well. Make sure and check that your windows/screens and deck railings are secure if you have small children or grandchildren in your home.

Wear Seatbelts and Use Child Safety Seats – it’s time to climb in the car and head out to the park, lake and trails…don’t forget everyone needs to buckle up! By state law, all kids 8 and under need to be in appropriate child safety seats, too. Please visit CDOT's website for guidelines.

Walk, Ride & Drive Safely – Pop Quiz: Are bicyclists allowed to ride in the middle of a lane along with cars?

Answer: Yes. Bicyclists can are allowed to ride in the middle of the lane if there is no shoulder or bike lane, when approaching an intersection, or if the bike is moving at the same rate as traffic. Spring is a great time to brush up on Colorado laws and safety guidelines for bicycles, pedestrians AND motorists. For more information about Colorado Laws and guidelines, CDOT is a great resource to use.

For more great safety tips visit Safe Kids website!

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