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Walk-through Plan Review Process


The City of Westminster offers a walk-through plan review process for certain types of commercial projects. The intent of this process is that applicants will be able to obtain a Fire Protection permit for their project after reviewing (walking-through) their fire protection system plans with the Fire Department Plans Analyst or other plan review staff member. This process is an alternative to the plan submittal and review process typically required for all commercial construction projects, which normally takes about two weeks. The walk-through plan review process will be available to anyone whose project meets the established criteria.

Walk-through Agreement


The following types of commercial projects may be processed as "walk-through" reviews*:

  • Fire Alarm tenant-finish permits for office, retail, and storage type occupancies that already have an approved core/shell fire alarm control panel.
  • Fire Sprinkler tenant-finish that involves moving or the addition/deletion of heads that does not require new hydraulic calculations.
  • Commercial cooking hood fire protection systems.
  • Fire Protection permits for small restaurants, retail, office, and assembly occupancies, with prior approval of the Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Modifications to previously approved Fire Protection System plans. (Meeting the above criteria)
  • Deferred submittals from previously approved Fire Protection System plans. (Meeting the above criteria)
  • Other projects may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Required Plan Submittal Information:

Three complete sets of plans (one set is retained by the Fire Department, one set is for the designer/owner, and one set is to be kept on site and available at time of inspections) will be submitted*:

  • Fire Alarm: Three sets of fire alarm drawings and two sets of cut sheet/product information. Drawings shall be stamped by a minimum NICET II designer for fire alarm systems. Drawings shall be clear and understandable. Additional information on specifics of required submittal information is available from the Fire Department with the handout entitled "Fire Alarm System Plan Review and Acceptance Requirements."
  • Fire Sprinkler System: Three sets of fire sprinkler drawings. Hand-drawn sets may be accepted when only minor modifications to an existing approved sprinkler system are being made. Two sets of cut sheet/product information. A completed State of Colorado, Division of Fire Safety Plan Registration Form.
  • Commercial Cooking Hood: Three sets of Commercial Cooking Hood Fire Protection drawings. Two sets of cut sheet/product information.

* Some requirements may be waived for small scoped projects with prior approval from the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Limits of Review:

Although the intent of the walk-through process is that the applicant could leave with a Fire Protection permit in hand, there is no guarantee that a Fire Protection permit will be issued at the conclusion of the walk-through plan review. Building and Fire code violations, non compliance with NFPA standards, incomplete information, or other deficiencies in the fire protection plans presented may require that such fire protection plans be revised and reviewed before a Fire Protection permit can be issued. The scope of review may require more than an hour or two for review. If the submitted plans are accepted as "walk-through" eligible, the fire protection permit will be available for issue within 24 - 48 hours.

Applicants Assumption of Risk:

While every effort will be made to identify all code violations and requirements on the plans during the walk-through process, this process is a limited review and does not offer staff adequate time to perform a thorough plan review. Because of the limited time afforded for review with the intent to issue a fire protection permit, the applicant must assume the risk that all code violations and requirements may not be identified during the walk-through plan review process. The applicant will be asked to sign a document acknowledging such risk and that all work shall comply with City's adopted codes, prior to issuance of a fire protection permit. Code violations identified during the field inspection process must be corrected before approval is given for the project.


The plan review fee for Fire Protection permits utilizing the walk-through process will be double the usual fee as established by City code. In the case of reviews of revisions, modifications or deferred submittals, the fee will be based on an hourly rate that is double the usual rate established by City code.

NOTE: This process is an alternative to the typical building construction plan/fire protection plan submittal and review process and is optional at the applicant's discretion. Projects utilizing the typical review process will be charged the usual plan review fees as established by City code.


Appointments with the Fire Department Plan Reviewers, or other staff, for walk-through plan review will be available on a weekly basis on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Appointments to meet with the Plan Review Staff will be added to the walk-through calendar on a first come, first served basis. Applicants may schedule appointments for walk-through plan review with the Fire Department Secretary or the members of the Fire Prevention Bureau. Appointments will be added to the walk-through calendar in the order they are requested, subject to availability. Walk-through appointments will be subject to a one-hour* time limit. Applicants are encouraged to be present and ready for their walk-through plan review at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time and must have completed a Fire Protection permit application. Holidays, vacations and other commitments may impact the scheduled times listed above. Efforts will be made to provide advance notice if staff will not be available on any given date.

* Additional time may be granted subject to availability of time on the walk-through calendar.

Call 303-658-4500 for more information or to schedule a walk-through.