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Fire Codes and Policies

Westminster Fire Codes Currently Adapted and Accepted

The Westminster Fire Department currently operates under the International Fire Code, 2009 Edition. This code applies to both new buildings being constructed and to existing occupancies. For clarification on submittals and fire inspections, reference the IFC, 2009 Edition or View the City of Westminster Fire Code.  Information about the Radio Amplification Ordinance is included in the City of Westminster Fire Code.


The requirement for locking devices for Fire Department Connection (FDC) is under Section 912.3.1 of the 2009 IFC. We require Knox Plugs, which can be obtained through the Knox Box website. All new construction which has a sprinkler system will be required to have these devices to protect the FDC. Any existing buildings which go through a tenant improvement phase which exceeds a 50 percent alteration to the building will also require Knox Plugs. 

Barbecue Grills

Commercial Cooking Equipment Suppression System

Commercial Knox-Box® Criteria

Fireworks Enforcement

Open Burning

Special Event Requirements


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