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Safety Services

The Westminster Fire Department offers a variety of on-going safety services in an effort to help citizens prevent (or at least reduce the likelihood of) fires and injuries.  Car Seat Inspections, Residential Knox Box, Westminster Med, and the Home Safety Check programs are all designed to target known community risks.

Car Seat Inspections

Westminster firefighters certified as car seat technicians are available to check child safety seats, free of charge, for age- and size- appropriateness, proper installation and use, and whether seats have been recalled or visibly damaged. Please note that due to financial limitations, the Westminster Fire Department is unable to provide free car seats.

Car seat inspections are offered on the first and third Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon. To find out location information and make an appointment call 303-658-4500.

More information on car seats can be found at the Colorado Passenger Safety Team website.

Residential Knox Box

The Residential Knox Box Loaner Program is available to elderly, special needs, or handicapped Westminster resident who may be unable to get to the door in an emergency situation. The secured steel lock boxes are loaned to residents for a one time fee of $50 and are used to hold a house key allowing Fire Department personnel to unlock a house if the residents are unable get to the door in an emergency situation.  Please call the Westminster Fire Department Administration Office at 303-658-4500 if you are interested in the program.

Westminster Med

Westminster Med is a membership program designed to help individuals and families deal with the high cost of ambulance transportation. The metro area median cost for an an ambulance transport is over $700. A Westminster Med annual membership provides emergency paramedic ambulance service for only $55 per family or $35 per individual.

Westminster Med Brochure

Westminster Med Application

Home Safety Checks

The Westminster Fire Department offers free home safety checks quarterly.  Firefighters and trained volunteers visit residents and check their home for a variety of hazards.  Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, night lights, extension cords and more are all reviewed to reduce the chances for a fire or home injury.  Call 303-658-4500 to inquire about the program and schedule an appointment.