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Ride Along Guidelines

ALL RIDERS must read and agree to the following guidelines and complete the Westminster Fire Department Ride Along forms prior to participating in the Westminster Ride Along Program. These forms can be obtained from Fire Administration located at 9110 Yates St. or by calling 303-658-4500 for more information.  

The ride along program is generally limited to students of area emergency medical programs or fire science programs. Exceptions to student status will be made by a Chief Officer.

Scheduling Rides
Fire and EMS ride alongs are normally scheduled for a 12-hour period starting at 7 a.m.  All rides must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance through the Westminster Fire Administration offices at 9110 Yates St., Westminster, CO 80031. To schedule, call 303-658-4500.

Cancellation of Rides
To cancel a ride, the rider should call Fire Administration Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. at least one working day before the scheduled ride. If the rider fails to cancel and does not keep the scheduled appointment, any future scheduled and/or scheduling of rides will be at the discretion of Fire Administration.

Dress Code
Riders are required to maintain a professional appearance and to wear dark slacks and a white sportshirt/blouse; dark socks or nylons, sturdy and supportive black shoes or boots; appropriate undergarments; jackets, hats, gloves for adverse weather conditions. NO jeans, T-shirts or jackets with patches or badges, sandals, tennis shoes, clogs or open-toed shoes, and minimal jewelry, perfume or aftershave.

General Guidelines
EMS Riders may function to the level of their training (basic or paramedic) and only under the direct supervision of a member of the Westminster Fire Department. NO INDEPENDENT MEDICAL PRACTICES OR DECISIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Fire/Other Observers are only to observe unless requested to perform specific actions by an officer in charge. NO INDEPENDENT ACTION IS TO BE TAKEN WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM THE OFFICER.

Rider will be responsible for bringing her/his own meals or can make arrangements to buy-in for meals with officer in charge.

Use of tobacco products is not permitted in any station or WFD vehicle.

The Westminster Fire Department reserves the right to terminate the ride along due to civil unrest, weather, unusual workload, non-compliance with professional conduct or dress, or other unforeseen events. Termination of ride along may be made by Company Officer for violation of these policies.


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