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Community Preparedness

Get Involved in the City's Community Preparedness Program

The City recognizes that there is a need for citizens to be prepared for natural disasters and emergency events. The Community Preparedness Program trained volunteers from the community, and they are ready to give presentations to any group or organization in Westminster. Topics range from severe winter storm preparedness to the basics of homeland security.

During the recent blizzard, Westminster dispatchers experienced extremely high call volumes from citizens needing assistance. Some calls received by dispatch included requests to have police or firefighters deliver household items such as milk, cat litter and medications. Such requests for assistance, though important, divert time and attention of dispatchers and first responders who need to focus on life threatening emergencies.

Be proactive and take advantage of this free training that can help you, your family and your neighborhood become better prepared for the unexpected. The citizen volunteers can customize the presentation to fit your group’s time requirements and needs. We can come to your facility, or we can use one of the city-owned facilities.

If you are interested in a presentation for yourself, or for your group, please contact the program coordinator at 303-658-4550. More disaster management information can be found on the emergency management web pages.

Disaster Notification and Warning

Westminster is committed to keeping citizens safe and utilizing technology is key in upholding this commitment.  Communication is critical during emergencies; luckily the Emergency Communications Center has the software enabling "Reverse 911" notification possible.  The City has the ability to access the 911 telephone database to identify and notify a specific geographical population or area in the event of an emergency situation.

The Emergency Preparedness Network that enables Reverse 911 calls accesses a database of numbers identical to the 911 database. Currently, the database does not keep mobile phone or Internet-based phone numbers, therefore those numbers will not be reached during a Reverse 911 call-out.

The decision to access and use Reverse 911 must be authorized by the Westminster Fire Department or Police Department. Events or situations that could warrant the use of Reverse 911 are:

  • Chemical spills
  • Natural Disasters
  • Fires
  • Missing or endangered child
  • Missing or endangered at-risk adult
  • Searches for armed and dangerous persons
  • Any other Emergency Management event that may affect the community such as a radiological release or homeland security threat

More information regarding Emergency Management.

What to Expect
The notification is a recorded message that will state that the call is from either the Westminster Fire, Police, or Water Department. The message will notify you about the situation and will only reach the geographical area designated to receive the call. The message can be replayed at the end by pressing one. There is almost always a follow-up phone call to advise the status of the situation. If you receive a Reverse 911 call and do not have an emergency, please do not call 911.

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