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The Westminster Fire Department has a wide variety of apparatus to utilize in emergency situations.  The photo gallery features most of the front line apparatus, below is a full listing of what is at each fire station and facility:

Station 1:  Engine, Ambulance, Reserve Truck, Reserve Ambulance
Station 2: Engine, Truck, Ambulance, Battalion Chief Command Vehicle, Brush Truck, Heavy Rescue, Special Response Team Trailer, MERV & Trailer (ATV)
Station 3: Engine, Ambulance, Dive Van, Zodiac Boat
Station 4: Engine, Ambulance, Brush Truck, Reserve Ambulance
Station 5: Engine, Reserve Engine, Hazmat Vehicle
Station 6: Truck, Ambulance
Former Station 2: Parade Truck (Seagraves), Reserve Engine

Some fast facts:

  • All Westminster Fire Department engines have a 500 gallon water tank and pump between 1250-1500 gallons per minute.
  • All ambulances are Advanced Life Support units.
  • All engines carry extrication equipment (jaws of life-type tools to rescue people out of cars or machinery).
  • The HazMat vehicle is a shared vehicle through a cooperative effort of the Adams/Jeffco Hazardous Response Authority.
  • The trucks are white with a gold, red and black striping to match the fire department logo on the doors.
  • When new apparatus is acquired, it replaces the oldest front line apparatus of the same type.  The apparatus replaced on front-line shifts down to reserve use and the oldest reserve unit is removed from service.
  • Reserve apparatus is used when the front line apparatus is in for maintenance/repair or if there is a high call volume or special event.
  • Westminster fire trucks serve for about 15 years, rotating from front line to reserve to out of service. 
  • Ambulances are replaced every 6-7 years. 
  • The Westminster Fire Department usually trades in apparatus for credit towards new apparatus.  Used fire apparatus that is still operational is sold at auction; small towns and rural areas are frequent buyers.


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