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About Us

The Westminster Fire Department Mission is to

  1. Protect the community from fire damage and loss
  2. Preserve and enhance the health of residents
  3. Promote, regulate and enforce a safe and sustainable living environment for residents and businesses
  4. Respond to and mitigate all identified hazards to minimize risk to the community
  5. Respond to calls from residents
  6. Engage residents and businesses as partners for community safety

Department Overview:

  • Operates from six fire stations throughout the City of Westminster to quickly respond to home or building structure fires, vehicle fires, or fires of any nature.
  • Addresses water rescues, hazardous materials, technical rescues, and other emergency responses.
  • Offers advanced life support emergency medical and ambulance transport services.
  • Provides four full time ambulances and seven fire engines, all equipped with appropriate medical equipment for life support services.
  • Prepares for and responds to large scale disasters through the City’s emergency management program, managed by the Fire Department.

The Strategic Plan -- A Message from Chief Doug Hall

The Westminster Fire Department rolled out a 5-year Strategic Plan  in June 2012 -- it is a product Chief Doug Hallof the collaborative hard work of the fire department management team.  I am proud of this effort, it was a unique process and pivotal to our future success.  Successful organizations are comprised of people working in collaboration to make the organization successful in fulfilling its mission.  Our Strategic Plan provides the direction for appropriately allocating our resources, it sets forth a foundation of leadership, and provides the vision of how we will fulfill our service mission.  This Strategic Plan offers a common sense of purpose and creates a structured connection that establishes value for the contributions made by each of us in serving the community.

The Strategic Plan creates the critical alignment between our mission and the greater needs of the organization, and furthermore it enhances the quality of services to our community.  The Strategic Plan provides:

  • Leadership vision - Vision is the direct responsibility of all leaders.  Our Strategic Plan provides perspective and focus. 
  • Organizational direction - Clear direction is established.  Everyone understands where we are going (strategies) and how we are going to get there (operational priorities).
  • Organizational priorities - Clear understanding of the internal and external drivers that influence our service priorities, our core services, the delivery of services to our community.
  • Connections - We are connected to the City's Strategic Plan.  We better manage our activities, programs and services resulting in the overall enhancement of the quality of life to our community.
  • Benchmarks - Comprehensive understanding of how successful we are, how areas of service (internally and externally) can be improved. 

I am excited about our future!