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Planning and Assessment

Careful planning and timely assessment are key factors when dealing with emergencies.

Hazard Assessment - Westminster's Hazard Analysis, from aircraft accidents to winter storms, evaluated based upon frequency and impact estimates.
Emergency Planning - What to do to protect yourself and your household in an emergency. 
Disaster Supply Kits - Lists for assembling the supplies you might need following a disaster, including the 72-hour emergency kits for seniors, disabled.
Neighborhood Plans - How to organize neighborhood resources to respond to a disaster.
Evacuation - Important tips on planning for an emergency evacuation.
Shelter - Information on long- and short-term sheltering, including managing water and food supplies.
Mitigation - Steps to make your home and your household safe from the potential effects of disasters like floods, and tornadoes.
Animals in Disaster - Guidelines for handling animals in emergency and disaster situations.

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