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Homeland Security

The National Strategy for Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 served to mobilize and organize our nation to secure the homeland from terrorist attacks. At the federal level the Department of Homeland Security is charged with protecting critical infrastructure, property and the economy of our nation from acts of terrorism, natural disasters or other emergencies.

Terrorism - In the immediate area of a terrorist event, you would need to rely on police, fire and other officials for instructions. However, you can prepare in much the same way you would prepare for other crisis events.
Chemical/Biological Weapon - Identify the basic agents of both chemical and biological attacks, as well as methods of preparing for, and coping with, each type.
Nuclear/Radiological Attack - Explanation of the nature and risks associated with nuclear and radiological attacks, and what to do during and after an attack.
Advisory System - Explanation of the Homeland Security Advisory System and the color-coded threat conditions.


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