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Turnpike Trail

The Turnpike Trail parallels Turnpike Drive from Bradburn Boulevard to (eventually) Federal Boulevard. 

At Bradburn Boulevard Trail, users can access the U.S. 36 Bikeway, which leads all the way to Boulder along U.S. 36. 

Trail users can also go south on an 8-foot wide sidewalk along the east side of Bradburn to access the Little Dry Creek Trail at 72nd Avenue.

Between Bradburn Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard, the 8-foot wide Turnpike Trail meanders between the sound wall along U.S. 36 and Turnpike Drive. The sound walls does an effective job at reducing sound from U.S. 36. 

At the south west corner of Lowell Boulevard and Turnpike Drive (78th Avenue), is a small park area inhabited by a striking butterfly sculpture.

East of Lowell Boulevard, the trail shifts to the south side of Turnpike Drive. The trail currently ends at Irving Street, but will eventually extend to Federal Boulevard.

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