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Ranch Trail


This trail connects the Big Dry Creek Trail to the Mushroom Pond Trail, mostly through the Ranch residential development. The trail begins at Big Dry Creek Trail just northwest of 120th Avenue and Federal Boulevard within the Metzger Farm Open Space.

Going south, the trail soon passes under Federal Boulevard onto city open space along Ranch Creek. Shortly thereafter, the trail passes under 120th Avenue and into the Ranch Creek Open Space. The trail swings to the southwest along the northern edge of the Ranch Country Club golf course. Note the beautiful views to the golf course as well as Ranch Creek Open Space in this elevated part of the trail.

The trail soon comes to the sidewalk along Decatur Street. Turn left (south) and remain on the east side of Decatur Street. The sidewalk/trail passes along the edge of a single family home neighborhood, part of the Ranch subdivision, before entering the beautiful Ranch Reserve neighborhood. The Ranch Trail ends on the south at the Mushroom Pond Trail, just south of the Ranch Reserve Parkway/Ranch Reserve Ridge intersection.

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