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Ketner Lake Trail

Ketner Lake, located north of 100th Avenue and Countryside Drive was named after W.H. Ketner, a former area dairy farmer.

This trail gains about 150 feet in elevation over 1.25 miles and features an attractive combination of beautiful natural and park-like areas, as well as scenic Ketner Lake. Park at Fire Station No. 5 (10100 Garland St.). The gravel trail begins on the west side of Garland Street and gradually ascends a grassy meadow dotted with trees before arriving at the 22-acre lake. The trail goes around the north side of the lake to Kensington Park, where the trail becomes concrete. Go right at the three totem poles across the grass to the pedestrian crossing light at Countryside Drive (going left takes you on the Ketner Lake Loop Trail, see below).

The trail becomes asphalt and follows a boulder-lined drainage channel on a gentle uphill climb between houses. Lush grass lines the trail and large trees provide some welcome shade. The trail becomes concrete after crossing Oak Street and dead ends just past the bridge over Church Ditch at Quail Street.

Ketner Lake Loop Trail
This section of the trail loops around the south side of Ketner Lake off of the Ketner Lake Trail. Begin at the three totem poles in Kensington Park near the corner of Countryside Drive and 104th Drive. At first, large trees create a shady tunnel over the trail. The trail passes along the west, south and east lake shore, where there are spectacular mountain views before rejoining the Ketner Lake Trail. Along the way is a fishing pier and the trail junction with the Loon Lake Trail.

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