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Recreation Discount Cards

Recreation discount cards enable Westminster residents and employees of Westminster businesses to access recreation facilities, recreation programs and classes at discounted resident prices.   These cards can be purchased at City Park Recreation Center, 10455 Sheridan Blvd, 303-460-9690; City Park Fitness Center, 10475 Sheridan Blvd, 303-460-9690, West View Recreation Center, 10747 West 108th Ave, 303-460-9530; and Swim & Fitness Center, 3290 West 76th Ave, 303-427-2217.

There are two types of recreation discount cards:  Resident Discount Card and Business Discount Card.  The Resident Discount Card is available to any person owning taxable property within the City boundaries or any person permanently residing within the City limits (see proof of residency below).  The Business Discount Card is available to any person who works at a business located within the City limits (see proof of employment below). 

Resident Discount Cards and Business Discount Cards may be purchased at all recreation centers during normal business hours.  Refunds are not issued for discount card purchases.  Due to system limitations, a delay may be experienced when applying for a discount card.

Presentation of the Resident Discount Card at the time of activity registration or admission/facility use is required to qualify for resident rates and are required to purchase resident facility passes.

Business Discount Cards do not entitle the holder to resident rates at Hyland Hills facilities.


Fee:  $6 for new or renewal; $3 for a replacement

Cards are valid for two years from the month of purchase.

Proof of Westminster residency is required each time a new card is purchased. 

Proof of Residency:
A current, valid Colorado driver's license or current, valid Colorado identification card (photo ID) with a current address is required.  If the address on the front of your Colorado license/Colorado ID is not correct, then one of the following acceptable documents showing correct name, current date and current Westminster address is also required:

Utility bill
Vehicle registration
Voter registration card
Most recent Adams/Jefferson County tax notice
Rental contract or property ownership papers
Statement from a major credit card

Children age five and younger are not required to purchase a card and may obtain resident rates if they are accompanied by a parent with a valid Resident Discount Card. A minor wishing to purchase a Resident Discount Card must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and the adult must meet the above-stated requirements.


Individual Rate: $30 per card
Individual Children: $6 per card
Group Rate:  $20 per card when purchasing 26 or more cards

Business Discount Cards are valid for two years, and proof of employment by a Westminster business is required each time a new card is purchased.

Business Discount Cards allow the employee/family members to obtain resident rates for admissions, classes, programs, passes and admission punch cards.

Proof of Employment:
Any of the following are acceptable forms of proof of employment at a Westminster-based business.  This proof must be shown to purchase a Business Discount Card.

A dated letter stating current employment from the business of "letterhead" stationary (with a Westminster address) and a photo ID.
Current payroll stub that has the employer's Westminster address and a photo ID.
An employee ID that has the employer's address.  If employee ID does not have a photo, a photo ID must also be presented.
Note: Printed business cards are not an acceptable form of proof.

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