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Standley Lake Regional Park Fishing

As part of the City of Westminster's Aquatic Nuisance Species Protection Program, aquatic bait is prohibited at Standley Lake Regional Park. Aquatic bait includes minnows, leeches, frogs, crayfish, salamanders, etc.

Standley Lake Regional Park is a popular destination for fishing and is host to a variety of fish species. The lake is stocked regularly throughout the summer by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. In addition, the lake supports a variety of other fish. The following list shows the species of fish in the lake, as well as their availability and statewide limits as defined and established by Colorado Parks and Wildlife:  

Fish                                Availability                    Limit

Rainbow Trout                 Common                        4 in aggregate*
Brown Trout                    Rare                              4 in aggregate*
Walleye                           Moderate                       5
Yellow Perch                    Moderate                       20
Channel Catfish               Moderate                       10 in aggregate*
Large Mouth Bass            Rare                              5 in aggregate*
Small Mouth Bass            Moderate                       5 in aggregate*
Wiper                             Moderate                       10 in aggregate*
Striper                            Rare                             10 in aggregate*
Sunfish                           Rare                             20 in aggregate*
Bluegill                           Rare                             20 in aggregate*
Carp                              Common                        No limit

 *In aggregate means the limit may consist of one species or a mixed bag of more than one species.  Trout include Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, Splake, Golden and Lake Trout.  Bass includes Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass.  Stripers include Wiper and White Bass.

Standley Lake is home to the state record walleye, caught in 1997.

During the summer months the fishing pier is the best fishing spot, but fishing can be done anywhere on the shore except in areas posted otherwise.

Areas permanently closed to fishing include the dam, all boat docks and all boat ramps. In addition, fishing is not permitted within 150 feet of boat ramps and boat docks, with the exception of the Special Needs floating fishing pier.

The cleaning of fish is allowed only at the fish cleaning station. 

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