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Help city plan for 2015 budget priorities

(Jul 08, 2014)

Westminster City Council wants your input on budget priorities, and has launched a new online tool to help.

The Backseat Budgeter is an interactive budget simulation tool that allows you to “drive” the City of Westminster General Fund Budget and set your own priorities for programs and services in 2015.

The General Fund is the city’s primary operating fund and includes public safety, streets, community development, parks, recreation, libraries and other general government services.

The budget simulation uses 2014 spending and revenues as a starting point then allows participants to adjust spending priorities and even propose new spending for additional revenues.

The task is to balance the budget - you can decide to spend more or less in any area, but at the end of the process it has to balance (as required by the city charter).

You can save your budget and even compare it to budgets created by others. The various budgets and priorities will be added to the public input collected by City Council for consideration during the 2015-2016 budget development process. Remember: if you have a formal budget request, please contact the City Manager’s Office at westycmo@cityofwestminster.us or 303-658-2004.

Backseat Budgeter is a public service tool created by Engaged Public to help citizens understand the tradeoffs associated with spending our public dollars. It is offered as a community service by Engaged Public at cost to any public entity wishing to educate and engage its constituents.