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When temperatures drop, avoid frozen water pipes

(Dec 13, 2012)

With the warm temperatures we’ve been having, it’s hard to believe that winter is on its way.

Colorado winters are notorious for severe freezing weather, and unprotected water lines will freeze at the most inconvenient times. 

The City of Westminster Utilities Division offers the following suggestions to avoid frozen water pipes:

  • Drain outside faucets by disconnecting garden hoses.
  • Turn off and drain irrigation sprinkler systems.
  • Wrap exposed pipes with insulation or electrical heat tape.
  • Turn off water and drain piping in vacant, unheated buildings.
  • Locate and mark the main shut-off valve that turns off the water to your entire house.
  • When the temperature becomes extremely cold, open up cabinets where sink water pipes are so heat can reach those areas.
  • Periodically turn on cold water faucets and ensure water is flowing.
  • Make sure your water meter pit cover is secure. If not, call the City of Westminster’s Meter Shop at 303-658-2500.

Get more details on each of these tips and information on what to do when water pipes are frozen.

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