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City saves energy use and costs

(Sep 27, 2012)

Using federal Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG) funding, the city has recently replaced the lighting in the parking lots at City Hall and the Public Safety Center.

This includes all of the pole lights and the concrete illuminated bollards. The new lights are LED (light emitting diode) and are using 30 percent less energy than the lights they replaced.

In addition to this change, the new lights will have the ability to be controlled remotely, including dimming capabilities, which will dim the lights during late night and low-use hours (weekends). This is expected to save the city an additional 25 percent in energy use and costs.

The dimming lights are expected to be a demonstration project toward further education of the usefulness and cost benefits of LED lighting. The EECBG grant is part of the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).

Funds in Westminster were used toward such activities as the phase II energy performance contract, bike master plan, small business and residential rebate programs, hard-to-recycle online guide, education on the newly adopted 2009 energy code, and the hiring of an energy coordinator.

The LED project was added later in the program by combining unspent funds left over from these activities.

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