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Survey says…life is good in Westminster

(Jul 19, 2012)

According to the 2012 citizen survey, nearly 90 percent of respondents support commuter rail coming to Westminster, they don’t want urban farming in their neighborhood, and they feel the beautiful parks and open spaces in the city create a positive image for Westminster.

The city has been conducting a citizen survey every two years since 1992.

The 2012 survey was mailed in April to 3,000 randomly selected households, with a 30 percent response rate.

Highlights include: nearly 90 percent of respondents “strongly” support or “somewhat” support commuter rail in the northwest corridor; urban farming was less favorable with 52 percent “strongly” opposing or “somewhat” opposing honey bees in neighborhoods and 60 percent opposing chickens on residential properties; “beautiful parks/open spaces” was the phrase most frequently selected by respondents to describe their image of the city; the quality of life in Westminster and the city as a place to live received favorable ratings from nine in 10 respondents; and nine in 10 respondents believed that the city was headed in the “right direction.” 

View the complete 2012 citizen survey report.

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