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Plague suspected in open space near Butterfly Pavilion

(Jul 12, 2012)

Suspected plague has killed off the prairie dog colony in the portion of the Big Dry Creek Open Space adjacent to the Butterfly Pavilion, and the public is being warned to stick to the trails through that area.             

The impacted area runs along Big Dry Creek from 104th Avenue west to Westminster Boulevard.

Officials from the Jefferson County Health Department have recommended that the prairie dog holes in the impacted area be dusted with pesticide to reduce the spread of plague.

The pesticide is used to kill the fleas that transmit the plague.

A licensed contractor will apply the pesticide on July 13.

Signs have been posted along the Big Dry Creek Trail warning people and their pets in the area to stay on the trail.

Questions about the situation, including its potential impact on humans and pets, should be directed to Jefferson County Health at 303-271-5700. Also visit the  Jefferson County website for more information.


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