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Smart911 enhances your emergency service

(Jun 28, 2012)

The City of Westminster Emergency Communications Center has rolled out a new program that can enhance your 911 emergency response. Citizens can visit http://www.smart911.com/ and enter information that would be helpful to police, fire and medical responders in an emergency.

This is a great way to tie your various phone numbers to your home address, list who lives in your home, describe any health conditions, indicate if you have pets and more.

Enrolling in Smart911 is free. You control your own profile which is only available to 911 centers and first responders if you call 911. Information is kept private and secure.

All citizens who live, work or visit here are encouraged to create a safety profile for their household.

Actual 911 emergencies are often accompanied by chaos. The more information a caller provides in advance can save precious minutes, their life or the life of someone they love.

Participation in Smart911 is completely voluntary; however Westminster police and fire departments encourage all citizens to take advantage of this service by visiting http://www.smart911.com/.

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