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City shares legislative update

(Mar 22, 2012)

The City of Westminster has been actively reviewing and taking positions on legislation at the State Capitol.

With the Colorado legislative session just past the half-way point, city staff has reviewed over 300 bills and the city has taken official positions on two bills thus far.

City Council officially opposed HB12-1062: (Baker) concerning minimum employment protections for Colorado peace officers and SB 12‐081: (Grantham) concerning a prohibition on a local government requiring the installation of sprinklers in a single‐family dwelling.

The city was successful in working with other entities in defeating both bills in their respective committees.

The city continues to monitor and provide feedback on legislative issues throughout the session, which ends on May 9. View the full text versions of these official city positions or council’s legislative policy statement and 2012 legislative issues guides.

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