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Snowplowing update - residential streets will be plowed

(Dec 22, 2011)


UPDATE - 5 p.m. 12/22 -  Crews are nearing completion of residential plowing, with snow pack to be expected on streets. Crews will continue to work primary and secondary streets.

As of 8 a.m. on Dec. 22 weather reports state the majority of snow has already fallen with another 0.5-1.5 inches possible through noon, then just flurries possible in the early afternoon, before dry conditions develop later in the day.

Westminster snowplow operations are in full force, with 18 plows working within the city.

Primary and secondary streets are receiving plowing services and are close to being maintained at a level of service that will allow plowing operations to begin on residential streets.

Please be advised that plowing primary and secondary streets are always priority over residential.

Depending on snowfall and traffic conditions, operations within residential streets may be stopped if primary and secondary streets require plowing or salting.

Crews will be working around the clock to plow all residential streets. Residential plowing means one pass down the middle of all city residential streets.

Please note that plowing down the middle of the street will pile snow into windrows across driveways and opening of driveways is the responsibility of the property owner.

Details on the snowplow routes, plus answers to common questions are on the snow and ice control page.

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