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State legislative session reaches halfway point

(Mar 12, 2014)

The 2014 Colorado State Legislative session is just past the halfway point and continues to provide opportunities for Westminster City Council to support and oppose legislation.

To date, City Council has officially supported three bills: Senate Bill 14-029 (Concerning the Establishment of a Paint Stewardship Program for the Environmentally Sound Disposal of Postconsumer Architectural Paint.); Senate Bill 14-103 (Concerning the Phase-Out of the Sale of Certain Low-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures); and House Bill 14-1164 (Concerning Nonpartisan Elections Not Coordinated by a County Clerk and Recorder).

City Council has officially opposed one bill thus far: Senate Bill 14-017 (Concerning a Limitation On The Approval of Real Estate Developments That Use Water Rights Decreed For Agricultural Purposes To Irrigate Lawn Grass). 

For more information about these four positions or the city’s other legislative priorities, visit the Legislative Activities page on our website.

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