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Candidates sought for council vacancy

(Nov 12, 2013)

Westminster City Council is seeking applicants to fill a recent vacancy on council.

When Herb Atchison was sworn in to office as mayor on Nov. 11, the office he held as city councillor was vacated.

According to the City Charter and the Municipal Code, any vacancy must be filled within 30 days by a majority vote of the remaining members of City Council.

The person chosen to fill the vacancy will fill the balance of Atchison’s unexpired term, which will expire Nov. 2015.

The City Council is accepting applications to fill that vacancy.

The deadline to apply is 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21.

An application with instructions is available here.

If you have issues filling out the PDF above, please use the following alternatives:

Application in Word.

Application as plain text document.

If you are interested in serving on City Council, have been a resident of Westminster for at least 12 months, are a U.S. citizen and registered to vote, and will remain a resident of the city throughout the term of office (November 2015), you are eligible to apply.

Time is of the essence, as this office must be filled within 30 days to avoid a special election.

Questions about the application can be directed to City Clerk Linda Yeager at 303-658-2161 or via email at lyeager@cityofwestminster.us.

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