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City Council approves land swap with CDOT

(Aug 29, 2013)

The City Council approved an agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) regarding a right-of-way land acquisition for the U.S. 36 improvement project. 

The city owns several parcels of land along U.S. 36 needed to expand the right-of-way for U.S. 36. Some of these parcels are city open spaces totaling 7.2 acres. 

In exchange, the city is obtaining 20.39 acres of land that will become open space. 

These two new open space parcels are located at the southwest corner of 120th Avenue and Federal Boulevard abutting the Big Dry Creek Open Space and at the southeast of 112th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard abutting the Lower Church Lake Open Space. 

Other lands not being used as open space are being traded to the city abutting 80th Avenue at U.S. 36 and south of 112th Avenue, east of U.S. 36.

In addition, the city is receiving a payment of $815,253 from CDOT since the city owned land being traded to CDOT is more valuable than the land being received from CDOT.

Those funds will pay for enhancements to the U.S. 36 project being made by CDOT at the city’s request (and financial responsibility) including enhanced landscaping at the U.S. 36/Sheridan Boulevard interchange, decorative fencing, Sheridan Boulevard bridge enhancements and LED street lights along U.S. 36.


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