4800 West 92nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80031


Council awards 98th Avenue construction bid

(Jul 30, 2013)

City Council awarded a bid to Noraa Concrete Construction to install the missing link of 98th Avenue between Sheridan Boulevard and Westminster Boulevard.  

Once completed, this connection will provide a convenient alternative for motorists wishing to bypass the intersections of Sheridan Boulevard/92nd Avenue and U.S. 36/92nd Avenue traveling to and from northern Sheridan Boulevard.  

Originally, this road was to be constructed by McStain Homes, the developer of Hyland Village, which is located south of 98th Avenue and west of Sheridan Boulevard.  

When McStain declared for bankruptcy, the city negotiated a cash settlement with the developer’s bonding company providing the surety for the Hyland Village public improvement obligations. Money from that settlement will be used to pay Noraa Concrete Construction for the installation of 98th Avenue.  

Work on this roadway will start in early and August and will be substantially completed by the end of October.

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