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Foothills Animal Shelter kicks off new pet licensing campaign

(Jul 25, 2013)

Foothills Animal Shelter, a true resource for the pet community, wants to ensure pet owners have a good chance of finding their beloved animals should they ever get lost. The shelter recently took over the licensing program for local cities including Westminster and wants to spread awareness of the benefits of licensing pets through a new campaign.

“The ultimate goal of our program is very simple: to help get more lost pets home,” said Heather Cameron, FAS executive director. “We hope this new eye-catching campaign, that Barnhart Communications beautifully designed for us, will remind pet owners of the important advantages of licensing.”

Benefits of a pet license:

  • You can be contacted immediately if your missing pet is found. In many cases, animal control officers can even bring your pet directly home.
  • Your pet licensing fee helps support Foothills Animal Shelter, where thousands of pets are cared for each year.
  • As a responsible pet owner, you avoid receiving a fine for having an unlicensed dog. All residents of the City of Westminster, both in Adams and Jefferson counties, are required by law to license their dogs.  This has been a requirement since July 1, 2007, when the City of Westminster joined other area municipalities in a comprehensive program to license dogs in the community.
  • While not mandatory, pet owners can also choose to license any cat or other pet that may also benefit from pet licensing. 

Three easy ways to renew or purchase a new license:

Annual fees:

  • $15 for a spayed or neutered pet.
  • $30 for an unaltered pet.

More Information:


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