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“School of Snakes” class

(Jul 09, 2013)

Join us at Standley Lake Regional Park's Visitor’s Center on Saturday August 3, from 1-3 p.m. to learn about the different species of snakes that slither about Standley Lake.

There are 28 different species of snakes that call Colorado home, however only three of those are venomous. Out of those 28 species, seven are common in this area.

Are you afraid of snakes? If so, you are not alone; 55 percent of Americans have a fear of snakes. This class will teach you how harmless snakes really are.

We'll have live snakes to touch, along with skins, books and guides about them. This class will focus on habitat, diet, snake identification, how to live alongside snakes and much more.

This class is suitable for children and adults and is free. If you drive into the park, the $7 entrance fee must be paid, or you can park and walk in for free from the parking lot at 100th and Owens streets. 

Space is limited, so register by phone at 303-425-1097.

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