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Rabies case highlights importance of pet vaccination

(Jul 09, 2013)

It is important to vaccinate pets and domestic animals, not only for their safety, but for yours as well. There will be a low-cost vaccination clinic on Saturday, July 20, 2-4 p.m. at Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply (9150 Wadsworth Pkwy., Westminster, 80021). No appointment is necessary, and rabies vaccines for dogs and cats are $15. Please bring your pet's written vaccinations records with you.

A kitten that bit eight people is the first confirmed case of rabies in a cat in Larimer County in at least 45 years. The kitten was not vaccinated.

In May 2012, skunks became the most common source of rabies in Larimer County, a distinction previously held by bats, according to the health department. Rabies also has been confirmed in bison, raccoons and foxes in past years. A horse on the border of Weld and Larimer counties died in June, one of several statewide horse deaths due to rabies.

The department advises anyone who comes across an animal behaving strangely or looking sick to stay away from the animal and Westminster Animal Management at 303-658-4326.

Residents also are advised to never touch any wild animal, especially a bat or skunk. The disease can be easily transmitted from animal to human through saliva, and if a person is bit or scratched, he or she should thoroughly wash the infected area and contact a doctor immediately.


More information about rabies can be found on the Centers for Disease control website or Foothills Animal Shelter.




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