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Plans Progress for Westminster Station

(Jun 20, 2013)

Construction commences this summer on the commuter rail Westminster Station, which has been in the planning and design stages during the last several years.

Over the next three years, construction activity will ramp up, eventually leading to the opening of the commuter rail line from Westminster to Denver Union Station in early 2016.

Westminster Station will be located at approximately 70th Avenue and Hooker Street, two blocks west of Federal Boulevard.

Initial construction activity has begun on utility relocates with a new sewer line being installed under Federal Boulevard, just south of Little Dry Creek. More visible activity immediately adjacent to the station location will commence soon with the demolition of two buildings needed to create a public plaza and pedestrian underpass to the commuter train loading platform.

The station platform will be located on the south side of the tracks within Little Dry Creek Park. A dramatic, arched shade structure will provide a one-of-a-kind iconic feature for the station. A viewing platform will project out into the park, overlooking the creek and lake. A bridge will span Little Dry Creek and lead from the station platform and railroad underpass to a nearby parking lot, also serving the park.

For more information about the Westminster Station project and proposed Little Dry Creek Park, go to the City of Westminster website.

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