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City begins 2014 budget review

(Jun 17, 2013)

As part of the City of Westminster’s two-year budget process, a budget review will be conducted in late summer/early fall to consider any proposed modifications to the Adopted 2014 Budget that City Council approved in October 2012.

The mid-budget review is intended to consider minor adjustments to the adopted budget and not intended to be a complete re-development of the adopted budget. This review is intended to consider the following:

  • minor amendments or adjustments related to unanticipated circumstances or events since the budget was adopted in October 2012;
  • programs and services that will be analyzed for potential adjustments; and
  • new citizen budget requests.

Key milestones in the review process include:

  • June 24 - Post City Council Meeting – presentation on program/service analysis review.
  • July 8 - City Council Meeting – presentation providing an overview of any potential program or service changes; opportunity for public comment.
  • Sept. 9 - City Council Meeting – presentation and public meeting on the Adopted 2014 Budget; opportunity for public comment.
  • Sept. 16 - City Council Study Session – review proposed modifications to the Adopted 2014 Budget.
  • Oct. 14 - City Council Meeting – consider formal action on the budget.

Citizens do not need to wait for a formal meeting to provide feedback on the Adopted 2014 Budget or to submit a budget request; citizens will also have the opportunity for input throughout the year including the following:

  • Conversations with the mayor and City Council at mayor and council outreach events (such as We’re All Ears, mayor and council desserts and breakfasts, etc.);
  • Telephone calls with the mayor, City Council or the City Manager’s Office;
  • Traditional mail communications (c/o City Manager’s Office, 4800 W. 92nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031); 
  • Email communications via westycmo@cityofwestminster.us); or
  • Inquiries and/or requests through Access Westminster.

Copies of the Adopted 2013-2014 Budget are available online, in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, College Hill Library and Irving Street Library.

If you have questions about or suggestion for the city budget, contact Aric Otzelberger at aotzelbe@cityofwestminster.us or 303-658-2004.

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