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Goats control weeds in open space

(May 23, 2013)

The City of Westminster is using goats to control noxious weeds at Westminster Hills Open Space, located on the northwest corner of Simms Street and 100th Avenue. 

For the next two weeks, approximately 800 goats will be on site to eat noxious weeds such as myrtle spurge, hoary cress and knapweed. 

Using goats is an eco-friendly alternative to applying chemicals and has several benefits. 

  • The goats naturally prefer eating weeds over native grasses, and eat the entire plant, including any seeds. 
  • They have triangular-shaped mouths which grind up the seeds and make them virtually unviable by the time they pass through their body, leaving only organic fertilizer.    
  • Their hooves are split and pointed, which act to aerate the soil as they graze through the open space. 

The goats are tended 24/7 by the owners and a team of working dogs. 

Using goats fits into the city’s integrated weed management plan and is part of a multi-year weed control program for this site.

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