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Council holds telephone town hall meeting

(May 09, 2013)

On Wednesday, May 8, the Westminster City Council conducted their second telephone town hall meeting.

Approximately 19,000 calls were made, with approximately 1,500 citizens participating.

During the one hour phone call, the average length on the line was 11 minutes.

A peak of 475 citizens were on the line at any given time, averaging 300 throughout the call.

Questions included such topics as the redevelopment of the former Westminster Mall site, commuter rail, chickens, mosquito control and the financial health of the city.

An audio version of the meeting is available below.

In addition, questions were left via voicemail at the end of the meeting. Including:

    • What’s happening at 128th/Huron? – At the northwest and northeast corner of that intersection, 2 proposals are in the works for residential development.  The proposals have not been submitted yet, but the surveyors were out to make their proposal complete.  This does not affect the open space in the area since that is further back than where building would take place.
    • What’s happening at 112th/Westminster Blvd. (Main St.) and is 112th going to be widened? - A few weeks ago we did receive a proposed development plan from Broomfield for that northwest corner.  Engineering sent comments back to Broomfield about widening Main Street (Westminster Blvd) north of 112th to include re-aligning the roadway center line west to match the Westminster Blvd alignment.

Westminster Telephone Town Hall Meeting, May 8

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