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Great Blue Herons are nesting

(Apr 11, 2013)

The city has two Great Blue Heron nesting places, called rookeries, located on city open space.

The largest rookery is located at the southeast side of the larger pond on the Metzger Farm Open Space at the northeast corner of Lowell Boulevard and 120th Avenue. There are seven nests in Cottonwood trees next to the pond. View the birds from the north side of the lake, but do not approach the nests, which will agitate the birds.

A second rookery is located within the Walnut Creek Open Space on the south side of the Walnut Creek Trail, just east of Westmoor Drive. Three nests are high up in a huge Cottonwood tree located on a peninsula within a small pond. There is a sign next to the trail which provides information about the rookery. Please do not leave the trail to approach the nesting area.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these wonders right here in Westminster.

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