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City continues to monitor legislative activities

(Mar 14, 2013)

The state legislature is half way through their session and city staff continue to remain very active in protecting the interests of our community. The city has taken official positions on four pieces of legislation and continues to track numerous others.

The city opposed SB 13‐023 (Cadman) Increase Damages Caps under Colorado Governmental Immunity Act; SB 13‐025 (Tochtrop) Concerning Collective Bargaining By Firefighters; HB 13-1090 (Fischer) Concerning Payment Of Amounts Due Under A Construction Agreement; and HB 13-1212; (Moreno) Concerning the Ability of Local Governments to Form Job Creation Districts.

The city opposed these bills for several reasons including a violation of the city’s constitutional home rule authority, new unfunded mandates and impacts to the city’s budget and operations.

Get additional information on the status of these bills and the city’s legislative program on our website.

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