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Council opposes cap on liability claims bill

(Jan 31, 2013)

The City of Westminster continues to actively review legislation at the State Capitol. Earlier this week, City Council officially opposed SB 13-023: (Cadman) Increase Damages Caps under Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

This bill would increase the cap on liability claims against the city.

This would significantly increase the cost of providing key public services including police, fire, street maintenance, and water and sewer utilities. 

Currently, the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act sets as a maximum amount that may be recovered by a single person suing a public entity at $150,000 and $600,000 for an injury to two or more persons in any single occurrence. SB 13-023 increases the damages limitation for any injury to one person in any single occurrence to $478,000 (218 percent increase).

For an injury to two or more persons in any single occurrence, the bill increases the damages limitation to $990,000 (67 percent increase).

To see full text versions of the official city positions or to view councils Legislative Policy Statement and 2013 Legislative Issues Guides, visit the city website.

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