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City tests new emergency notification system

(Jan 30, 2013)

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, starting at 9 a.m., the CodeRED emergency notification system will begin making test calls to Westminster residents. CodeRED is the new emergency notification system the City of Westminster police and fire departments will use to notify residents of important information. It is replacing an older reverse 911-type system.

Since the City of Westminster is in both Jefferson and Adams counties, for the purposes of this notification system, the entire city will fall under the Jefferson County side. This helps ensure that all of our citizens are receiving the same level of service.

Currently any “landline” phone should be in the system, and thus the reason for the test call on Feb. 6. If you do not have a landline in your business or residence, you can register your cell phones for the same types of emergency notifications. Along with emergency notifications, you can sign up for emergency weather notifications. This can be done at http://www.your911.net/.

Code Red is different than Smart911. Smart911 provides dispatchers with information that citizens enter in order to assist emergency responders such as medications, parent’s names, pet information, etc. Your Smart911 information can only be accessed when you dial 911, dispatch does not have access to that system until 911 is dialed. 

Smart911 is not part of the CodeRED system and data is not shared between the two. You must register individually for each system in order to benefit from their services. 

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